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Customer Reviews for Goodyear Tire & Auto Repair

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Here’s what some of our Santa Cruz, CA customers are saying about us:

Although I no longer live in Santa Cruz, Isaac and his crew's skills, knowledge, reliability and trustworthiness is so top notch that I continue bringing my car to JV Tire and Auto.

Amber Jayanti Goodyear Tire & Auto Repair Customer Review

Isaac is very professional, competent and a kind person. Just to mention a recent story, about 6 months ago I had a flat tire on my wife's car. I had to run to work... my wife was 6 months pregnant. Isaac drove to my house, collected the car, repaired the tire and did not even wanted to charge for the repair.

Mauro Dg Google Review

Went in to fix a flat - Isaac quickly took a look at it and repaired it. Also let me know about a problem he saw with the axle boot leaking - he let me know it wasn't an emergency but something to take care of before it becomes a problem. Very professional. If I lived in Santa Cruz I would definitely come here for service.

Jamie Kubota Google Review

5 Stars!

Jose Ayala Google Review

Went for an oil change and new break pads they made fast and easy like it.

Beto A Google Review

Gud.people and Gud work

Isaiah Vincient Google Review

They did the job and they did it well. I haven't had any issues sense, though it was just a tire alignment and an oil change, as well as a repaired gasket, the total was around 375$ which is a bit steep which is why i rated 4/5 instead of 5/5

Julian Garcia Google Review

Great place for smog test! No hassle, no wait every time!

Ivan Martinovsky Google Review

I have been going to JV Tires for a good 10 years. Isaac has always been reliable and fair, and even when I don't make an appointment the work gets done in a timely manner. I live in San Jose now but I still go to JV Tires for major service. I have absolutely no complaints and recommend (and trust) Isaac and crew unreservedly.

A Google User Google Review

Great shop. I have bought tires and have had service work done on my 2002 Jeep. Work always finished on time. the people working there are very polite.

A Google User Google Review

I have been taking all of my cars--foreign and domestic--to this shop since it was recommended to me by a friend about six years ago. I have always rec'd EXCELLENT service, performed by a mechanic I trust, at a fair price. I have recommended this shop to many friends. --Glenn Stewart

A Google User Google Review

Is a great shop, I had a good experience there, they're busy but good

(I won't go to Hayes automotive anymore
... they are thieves)

Jan V. Yelp Review

Isaac the Owner always takes really good care of me. Trustworthy and fabulous work. This place feels like family.

Treva C. Yelp Review

I went everywhere trying to get a plug to fix this flat everyone wanted to make me wait these guys stepped right in and fix it in like 15 minutes and I was on my way they probably didn't do it like everyone else but they took care of the problem right away!!

Mat D. Yelp Review

Isaac is very thorough and makes sure that you get what you need. I have been very satisfied as a customer. Highly recommended!

Matt f. Yelp Review

Great service... talk to Isaac... not a company store. He is the owner. A really nice person and knowledgeable about cars.
Really works with his customers. So give them a try... or go in for an oil change to check it out...

Nancy H. Yelp Review

Issac is the best! Been going to him for over 15 years and he has always been honest and affordable.

Sue D. Yelp Review

Flat tire; left it; fixed on a busy Saturday in about 3 hours.

Phil H. Yelp Review

. Issac is the most honest and helpful mechanic I have ever met in my life. People lack the patience or understanding of what it takes to get things done. His shop is very busy at times.

I grew up in the garage with my dad rebuilding cars so I know my way around a shop and if someone is BS'ing me. Issac knows his craft like no other. Very few places I trust to touch my cars.

When I lack the time or tools to get a job done this is my go to place. His rates are fair and just. He has spent many extra hours diagnosing issues with my car he didn't charge for. He goes above and beyond.

I had a problematic Subaru legacy and I bought a used transmission through him. It went bad towards the end of the warranty and he replaced it free of charge except shipping costs! Now that's customer service.

One morning last year I get in my car (2007 Mazdaspeed 6) to go to work and heard a clunk in the rear that sounded like a loose suspension part. Took it into his shop and he put it up on the rack right away, found the issue, and fixed it quickly. Turns out I didn't fully tighten the upper shock bolt when I installed my new coilovers.

Another time my son and I were headed out to go camping in my truck. Stopped for gas then took off. Transmission started acting up. Swung by his shop and he read the code. I replaced the part and was on my way.

Anthony R. Yelp Review

I recently had an issue with my ABS module and Isaac went above and beyond to help me come up with a solution that ended up saving me $300 over using the dealer. I was very impressed that he was willing to be so helpful and feel grateful for his extra time helping me to figure out the best way to manage the expensive service my car required.

I highly recommend Isaac and this shop.

Connie M. Yelp Review

Isaac and Al jumped into my engine cavity to change the valve covers and get me back on the road. I had an oil leak that was staining driveways. My clients don't like that. These two guys started early, in order to get it done quickly. I wish I could post a picture of them both inside my engine cavity. What a hoot!

Walt D. Yelp Review

Came here for a smog check. Got estimated 20 mins and gave them my key. Did the paperwork, sat down and started eating a banana. Halfway through my banana, I was told that my car was ready. Wait what?! I was literally in and out of the place 15-20mins. They even charged me the $45 coupon price... even without a coupon. Is it weird that I think I love this place more than 90% of Santa Cruz?

Jenny N. Yelp Review

SMOG check!

Best price in ton and fastest service ever! It took more time to drive to and from Goodyear than it did to have my vehicle smogged! CRAZY FAST!

Lee and Issac are very personable and friendly and I plan on bringing my vehicle back for future services.

BeachBunny U. Yelp Review


Brought my car in for a smog check and it was done lickety split.
Friendly & knowledgeable staff.
They were busy (a good sign for a garage), but able to fit me in for an appointment with minimal lead time.

Grant G. Yelp Review

Isaac is the most honest mechanic I have ever met. I brought my wife's car in because she said it needed new brakes. Isaac found they were fine. Made a few adjustments and only charged a small service fee. I think any other place would of replaced them even if they were not needed. He has taken care of my moms car with complete honesty telling her what she needed now and what she needed later down the road to help with a budget. Prices are reasonable and friendly service. I have been recommending all friends and family to come here since my first visit. Thanks Isaac

Eric H. Yelp Review

I have been going to Isaac and his crew for several years. He has always been very honest with me, letting me know what work should happen immediately and what repairs can wait. The work has always been high quality at a fair cost. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else.

Sarah T. Yelp Review

Went here for a smog check for my truck. They were fast, nice, and gave me notes on how my car's brakes are failing - helpful!

Allison C. Yelp Review

I have found Isaac to be an honorable and humble shop owner who does not talk down to his customers. His prices are very competitive and he genuinely cares about our happiness with his service. Plus it's darned convenient: Drop the car at his shop, go work out at the gym across the street without stressing over parking, come back in an hour and it's done.

Stephen A. Yelp Review

I have been going to JV Tire and Auto for eight years and through 3 different cars - I've never found a more honest, helpful and knowledgeable mechanic than I have with Isaac. He tells me the truth about what I need and don't need and he helps me save money. As an older woman, I have found that a trustworthy auto mechanic is worth his weight in gold! I would highly recommend this place for auto repair!

Kelly L. Yelp Review

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